Friday, September 12, 2014

Analog Run and Motorcycle Gathering

The Analog Run

There are many people in the industry that inspire me, and Caleb Owens is one of them.  He's currently organizing his second annual event, the Analog Run and Motorcycle Gathering. The best part of the event  is that it's digitally dark. Film cameras are more than welcomed. 

Do you think you can go a full weekend without your phone? I tried today, and it's not that easy, which is really sad.  I don't  use my phone  for games but I do spend over 10 hours on social media, cross promoting. Take a moment and think how often you stare at this screen versus what's in front of you? Well folks,  it's time to look up. 

Save the dates! Oct. 10-12 2014 Analog Run and Motorcycle Gathering. Lots of great things in the works. Best riding in California , camping, fishing. We take over The Union Hotel Oct 11. Bike show in the court yard 70's biker burlesque show!!! As always, we go digitally dark Oct 10-13. More details soon!! Give Caleb a follow on Instagram,, buy your film at and #enjoytheride!- Lisa

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