Friday, September 12, 2014

What's happening hot stuff

This is a test, this is only a test........... I know I have been absent here as of late, for which I apologize. I'm surprised, also thrilled to see that I still daily visitors. For this, I thank you for being loyal and interested in my life ( as boring as i may be at times). My main reason for my absence here is that I'm extremely busy keeping ChopCult moving forward, helping Duane when I can, and am securing sponsors for the David Mann Chopper Fest. I'm currently so busy pimping everyone else out, I'm honestly too tired to take care of D's and my social media. But no more excuses, it might not be a daily post but I will guarantee a few a week.

I recently went home to New Hampshire for my parent's 50th Anniversary, yes I really typed 50. I had a great time!!! While I was there, I had a conversation with my brother Manny or Manuel, if he was in trouble. I remember hearing Manuel a lot as a child. :-) Manny is very intelligent, business smart, and well educated. He didn't really have to study and would bring home A's constantly. I, on the other hand, would study all night and fail miserably every time. Manny has grown into an awesome man, who has a beautiful family. He doesn't have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. He doesn't want it and prefers spending his time with his family and/ or chasing a little ball around 18 holes. Manny told me something last week I will never forget. He said," Lisa, I love going to your blog. I love your photos and your writing." That my friends was like getting a A+. Everything I "do" today is self taught through trial and error. Not bad for a girl that was told at a young age not to dream big, I should lower my expectations. Oh if she could see me now hahaha. I might not be rich and famous but I'm succeeding gracefully!

Being the Editor-in-chief of ChopCult has been one of the hardest but best job to date. It's defiantly kept me on my toes and every social media outlet is growing. I'm a number junkie, and the numbers look AWESOME. Even site memberships are up, boom! 

I have many duties this position one being attaining content for the site. I'm also responsible for the layout, a process I actually love doing now. It wasn't my favorite part of the job in the beginning but now everything falls into place now. Here's my latest feature on the site:  Inside Voodoo Vintage.

Another duty is securing advertisers for the site, and this is how came to meet David Roy. He's the owner and operator of Voodoo Vintage. We hit it off right away, even before I secured Voodoo Vintage for advertising. 

"Ever meet a person and immediately know they'll be in your life forever? That was my experience when I met David Roy from Voodoo Vintage". ..........READ MORE
photo by Heath Braun

If you really want to see more photos of sunflowers and dogs, follow me on Instagram. That's where the parties at now people :-)

Be good, be well, be you!

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